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Ultra Clean Systems XL-48 Demonstration

Ultra Clean Systems, Inc.
Cleaner – Faster – Better

The XLSeries Ultrasonic High Capacity Cleaning Systems

The XLSeries Ultrasonic High Capacity Cleaning Systems

*Our soon to be released XL-36 is capable of cleaning even the newest robotic instruments with our exclusive extended basket design.

This new machine features:

  • 13 Minute Ultrasonic Cleaning Cycle

  • 36 Dedicated Lumen Flush Ports

  • 40 lbs. Instrument Load Capacity

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Titanium Rod Transducer Technology

Ultra Clean Systems is the only manufacturer of Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaning Systems with Titanium Rod Transducer Technology which provides the most throughput, cleaning power and speed than any other machine available.

TRT Technology - "Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology at its best"

Titanium Rod Transducer Technology

Thanks to its surgical grade titanium transducer and direct-in-water energy injection, the TRT features:

  • An innovative 13-minute cleaning cycle

  • Longer life for both cleaning equipment and equipment cleaned

  • Increased uniform and thorough distribution of energy for greater cavitation and enhanced cleaning.

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Cleaner – Faster – Better


Our systems provide cleaner results:

  • Exceeds the cleaning requirements for da Vinci robotics.
    Click here for test results.
  • Delivers 1000 watts of ultrasonic cleaning energy uniformly.

Ultra Clean Systems’ advancement in the medical instrumentation cleaning industry employs Titanium Rod Transducer, (TRT) technology that greatly exceeds the cleaning specification indicated in the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation specifications (AAMI-79).

Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation


Our systems clean faster:

  • TRT technology reduces cleaning cycles to 13 minutes.
  • Our systems deliver 79 watts per gallon (39.7 watt/gallons at 40hz).

Our Best-in-Class cleaning systems are engineered to deliver the most power available today. This means a significant reduction in time to clean your instruments. The proof is in the machine. Watch the timed and unedited cleaning test in the above video and see for yourself.


Our systems clean better:

  • The only manufacturer to clean better than 1ppm.
  • Exceed all industry cleaning specifications.
  • “Cold Spots” are no longer a concern.

Independent tests (AAMI-79) validate our medical instrument cleaning systems clean better than 1ppm of bioburden. TRT technology eliminates “Cold-Spots” by delivering 1000 watts of uniformly dispersed energy throughout the cleaning basin. This eliminates the guesswork and confidently provides a thorough cleaning cycle consistently. Now that’s Better!

We are the only manufacturer to employ this technologically advanced cleaning solution. There is no other machine on the market today that cleans medical instruments like Ultra Clean Systems.

With this impressive ability the choice is clear. Get the Power to Clean – Get Ultra Clean!

Ultra Clean Systems, Inc.

AAMI News Feed


  • These days, it's incredibly important to understand how your organization compares with others in terms of efficiency and keeping costs in check.

  • An AAMI member has taken the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and pay tribute to a friend, also a member of AAMI, who suffering from the disease.

  • Acknowledging that medical products, including devices, can yield different results in individuals depending on their gender, age, race, and ethnicity, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it is taking concrete and specific steps to boost diversity in clinical trials.

Cleaner • Faster • Better

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