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If a faster turnaround of instruments is what you need but you’re not quite ready for a bigger or additional cleaning machine, ordering another basket could solve your problem.

Ultra Clean Systems - Baskets

Instrumental in washing, rinsing, and air purging instruments in one cycle. This promotes safer practices by allowing multiple decontamination stages to be performed with less handling of the instrument by the operator. It also promotes longer instrument life by saving the instrument from the operator. These baskets also allow the operator to keep the entire set of instruments together by placing the “hand” instruments or “flat” instruments in the basket first, then connecting the lumen instruments.

 The Triton Series Baskets

Baskets for every robotic series

Every Triton basket can process up to 10 robotic or cannulated instruments.

With our custom adaptors, and Robotic Arm Cleaning Systems baskets (RACS), every robotic instrument can be processed.

Basket shown with full set of Xi instruments including stapler.


Basket shown with full set of Si instruments.


Floor Model Cleaning Systems Baskets

*Our Robotic Arm Cleaning Systems basket (RACS), and custom adaptors will process all Si and Single Site Robotics.


Image is of a RACS basket with Si Robotic instruments.

Image is of a Standard Basket for processing lumen and non-lumen instruments.

Automatic Table Top Systems Baskets

Model 1101 RACS basket with Si Robotic instruments.

Model 1100 basket showing instrument organizers and manifold ports.


The benefit of keeping the set together means that after the decontamination process is finished; the entire set goes to the “clean side” of the department to be sterilized at the same time. With other competitors, only the lumen instruments get cleaned in the machine, so the flat instruments get to the clean side first. When that happens, the staff has to wait on the lumens that go in the set to finish being decontaminated.

Independently Tested and Validated
to Clean Robotic Instruments

Independently Tested and Validated to Clean Robotic Instruments
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Cleaner • Faster • Better

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