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Ultra Clean Systems, Inc., founded 1999.

In 1999, Ultra Clean Systems, Inc. was born out of a need to provide healthcare facilities with better, more reliable ultrasonic cleaners for their sterile processing departments. Since then, we have been leading the industry with efficient designs that provide the most throughput available, while enhancing patient safety. Through constant research and innovation, we aim to continually improve sterile processing and remain a leader in the industry.

O’Brien Cale

O’Brien Cale


Using his nearly 20 years of industry experience, O’Brien developed a range of products that are the envy of the industry.

With his vision and deep understanding of customer needs, O’Brien has guided Ultra Clean Systems to become an industry innovator and leader in ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Since its inception, Ultra Clean Systems is proud to have developed a number of industry firsts.

Becky Cale

Becky Cale


Ultra Clean Systems strives to offer you the most robust, versatile, timesaving, and energy-efficient ultrasonic cleaning systems in the medical industry. We firmly believe that patient and technician safety come first, so we engineer, manufacture, and service our products with that mindset daily.

Cleaner, Faster, Better—it is our promise to you.


Becky Cale
Ultra Clean Systems, Inc.

Ultra Clean Systems was the first to design a lumen tray cleaning system, where sterile processing technicians could clean 12 lumen instruments at a time.

We were the first to use a highly reflective mirror-finish basin, which reflects ultrasonic waves more efficiently, resulting in improved cleaning outcomes.

Additionally, we were the first to produce a dual-purpose ultrasonic (irrigation and nonirrigation process) in the same cleaning system.

We engineered a dual-basin ultrasonic cleaning system, providing completely independent cleaning cycles in a single system.
Ultra Clean Systems became the first company with a Robotic Arm Cleaning System (RACS), designed to flush the ports of da Vinci® instruments.
Ultra Clean Systems was the first company to incorporate high-powered Titanium Rod Transducers (TRT) to provide even dispersion of ultrasonic energy, thus avoiding cold spots. These cold spots, or gaps, are produced by traditional bonded transducers where energy is unevenly dispersed. By using in-basin transducers, energy efficiency is improved and the life expectancy is greatly increased since bonded-transducer systems produce significant stress on the basin.

We were also the first company to incorporate a paperless cleaning verification program using UCS-Verify.

We developed a fully automatic dual-basin cleaning system capable of processing four trays of instruments simultaneously. The system could process two sets of two trays independently.
The Triton 36 was introduced and became the first UCS ultrasonic cleaner that was fully validated by Intuitive Surgical® to clean two sets of da Vinci Xi robotic instruments simultaneously in 15 minutes. The system can clean any da Vinci robotic instrument.

Ultra Clean Systems was the first company to incorporate an ultraviolet water filtration system to help to deactivate bacterial matter, killing microorganisms through ultraviolet irradiation.

The Triton 72 received full validation from Intuitive Surgical to clean all da Vinci robotic instruments in a short 15-minute cleaning cycle. This TRT-enabled system has the most instrument throughput available with the ability to process 72 lumen instruments in a single cycle using two independently operable basins.