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Ultra Clean Systems Model 1522 ultrasonic cleaning system with SPD techniciansUltra Clean Systems Model 1522 backsplash

Space is at a premium, and we have the solution. When you purchase a Model 1150 or Model 1522, be sure to order the optional backsplash with integrated tray holders. The backsplash for Model 1150 holds two trays, and the backsplash for Model 1522 holds four trays.

Ultra Clean Systems Model 1150 backsplash SPD technician placing tray on Ultra Clean Systems Model 1150 backsplash

Our backsplashes will help keep your work area clutter-free and create extra storage, without increasing your cleaner’s footprint. Backsplashes may be ordered separately and added to a Model 1150 or 1522 that’s already in your sterile processing department (SPD).