Getinge Group Announces Partnership with Ultra Clean Systems, Inc.

WAYNE, N.J.Feb. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Getinge Group, a leading global provider of products and systems that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency within healthcare and life sciences, announced today that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Ultra Clean Systems, Inc., an Oldsmar, FL-based manufacturer of precision-made ultrasonic cleaning systems for surgical instruments. Under the terms of the agreement, Getinge Group will distribute the full line of Ultra Clean Systems’ hospital-grade ultrasonic cleaning equipment, as well as accessories and the validated detergent for cleaning Intuitive Surgical® da Vinci®robotic instruments, to healthcare facilities in the United States and Canada. Getinge Group will also provide service and support for all installed Ultra Clean Systems equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning of surgical instruments following patient use is one of the first lines of defense for removing infectious debris and tissue. Sterile processing departments are increasingly using ultrasonic cleaning because of the growth in the use of complex surgical instruments and da Vinci robotic instruments; growing compliance with instructions for use (IFU) due to JHACO and AAMI standards; and the shift from hand cleaning to more automated solutions.

“Ensuring patient and technician safety at healthcare facilities is one of our highest priorities. With this large-scale distribution partnership, we will now be able to expand our offering by supplementing our existing ultrasonic cleaner with robust, versatile, timesaving, energy-efficient solutions from Ultra Clean Systems,” said Raoul Quintero, President of the Americas at Getinge Group. “Ultra Clean Systems’ state-of-the-art surgical instrument cleaning systems have many benefits and are validated by Intuitive Surgical to clean its full line of da Vinci robotic instruments. With this agreement, sterile processing departments throughout the U.S. and Canadacan now access all of their ultrasonic cleaning equipment from a single source.”

“This partnership with Getinge Group will expand the use of our ultrasonic cleaning systems at medical centers throughout the Americas,” said Becky Cale, President of Ultra Clean Systems. “Our goal is to further advance the field of sterile processing with more efficient products through constant research and innovation. This partnership will help us strengthen our research and development initiatives.”

SPD technician places lumen tray in Triton 72 ultrasonic cleaning system

About Ultra Clean Systems
Since 1999, Ultra Clean Systems has been innovating and manufacturing robust, versatile, and efficient ultrasonic cleaning systems for cleaning surgical instruments. Their line of ultrasonic cleaning systems includes tabletop models for use in small surgical facilities to floor models used in facilities with 20 or more operating rooms. 

Ultra Clean was the first to: design an ultrasonic cleaning system for cannulated instruments; incorporate industry-exclusive Titanium Rod Transducer (TRT) technology for even energy dispersion; develop a fully automatic yet independent dual-basin cleaning system; and integrate ultraviolet water filtration systems to help deactivate bacteriological matter. 

Under the agreement, Getinge will distribute all six ultrasonic systems, including the Triton 36 and Triton 72 models validated to clean robotic instruments with the capacity to clean four to six trays of instruments simultaneously. These ultrasonic cleaning machines have been proven to remove more than 99 percent of harmful debris from laparoscopic instruments. Premium stainless steel wire mesh trays and lids, custom trays for processing da Vinci instruments, disposable filters, detergents, and accessories for reprocessing lumens are included in the agreement.

SPD technician lowering robotics tray into ultrasonic cleaner

About Getinge Group
Getinge Group is a leading global provider of innovative solutions for operating rooms, intensive-care units, hospital wards, sterilization departments, elderly care and for life science companies and institutions. Getinge Group operates under the three brands of ArjoHuntleigh, Getinge and Maquet. With a genuine passion for life, we build quality and safety into every system. Our unique value proposition mirrors the continuum of care, enhancing efficiency throughout the clinical pathway. Based on our first-hand experience and close partnerships, we are able to exceed expectations from customers—improving the every-day life for people, today and tomorrow.

Ultra Clean Gets Distribution Rights for Protein Testing System for Surgical Instrumentation
May 27, 2014

Ultra Clean Systems announces that it has secured North American distribution rights for the patented ProReveal Fluorescence Protein Testing System. Created by UK-founded Synoptics Health, this exclusivity creates a business advantage as the ProReveal System represents a significant advance in surgical instrument reprocessing and the resulting patient safety.
By utilizing a highly-sensitive non-toxic spray and fluorescence imaging, the system provides a detection test which checks for the presence of residual protein on surgical instruments after going through a washer disinfector process.  In contrast to methods currently used in U.S. hospitals and surgical centers, ProReveal’s test delivers highly accurate and measurable results in real-time 3D which remove any doubt as to whether a “decontaminated” instrument is safe for reuse.

In addition to increased levels of accuracy and consistency, ProReveal provides an ease-of-use that facilitates seamless integration into current reprocessing protocols. Once an instrument is sprayed with a reagent, it is placed into the ProReveal unit, and, using a simple interface, a full-color 2D image is taken of the instrument clearly showing where and how much protein is present.  A 3D representation can also be displayed which shows the concentration of protein.

The devices, sprays and testing procedures were originally developed by David Perrett, professor of bioanalytical science, Nanda K. Nayuni, post-doctoral researcher in bioanalysis, William Harvey Research Institute, Barts & the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, with the express intention of overcoming the sterilization issues with current procedures.

As for the impact on the market and potential company growth for UCS,  Tom Overbey, director of marketing, says, “It is always our goal to have a competitive edge and having the exclusive rights to the ProReveal System is an invaluable asset towards that objective. On the basis of enhancing patient safety, I am confident that supplying this to the market furthers our mission.”


Synoptics Health appoints Ultra Clean in USA

Synoptics Health
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cambridge, UK: Scientific Digital Imaging’s [AIM-SDI] Synoptics Health Division, a manufacturer of innovative digital imaging systems for healthcare applications, is pleased to announce the appointment of industry leading surgical instrument cleaning firm, Ultra Clean Systems, Inc as its North American distributor of the ultrasensitive ProReveal Protein Detection Test.

Ultra Clean Systems will distribute and support Synoptic Health’s ProReveal Protein Detection Test (a rapid and ultra-sensitive fluorescence technique that detects microgram levels of residual protein remaining on surgical instruments after the washer disinfector process) through its extensive support network across North America. This agreement will allow Sterile Services Departments (SSDs) throughout the country to assess the ProReveal technology on site and accurately discover how well their own surgical instrument decontamination processes perform. 

The ProReveal Test uses fluorescence to detect microgram amounts of protein on surgical instruments and is the only commercial test on the market which complies with new recommendations for preventing iatrogenic vCJD infections.

ProReveal offers a highly sensitive alternative to swabbing techniques and tests the whole instrument for protein, rather than just a small, swabbed area. Taking less than 5 minutes to carry out, ProReveal generates results as a visual display of the presence (or absence) of any protein and these results can be documented and archived as proof of process cleanliness. Since the test is both visual and quantifiable, ProReveal provides confidence that decontamination processes are performing to the correct standards.

Paul Ellwood, Synoptics Health’s CEO said: “As the demand for our unique ProReveal Test has increased throughout the US, Ultra Clean Systems with its infrastructure and extensive experience of surgical instrument decontamination in US SSDs represents an ideal partner for supporting and maximising the growth of our revolutionary residual protein detection technology.

Paul continued: “We are confident that Ultra Clean Systems will help US SSDs provide access to our unique ProReveal technology more easily. This will ensure decontamination processes are performing to the highest standard and keep patients safe from iatrogenic infections in many US hospitals.”

About Ultra Clean Systems Inc.

Founded by O’Brien Cale in 1999, Oldsmar, Florida-based Ultra Clean Systems offers a leading range of ultrasonic cleaning systems for use in surgical environments. The company’s ultrasonic cleaning machines have been proven to remove more than 99 percent of harmful debris from laparoscopic instruments without the need for scrubbing and soaking.

The Ultra Clean Systems product range includes a dual basin ultrasonic cleaner that remains the largest in the medical industry, a Robotic Arm Cleaning System (RACS) that is designed to flush both parts of da Vinci instruments, and the world’s first fully automated cleaning system with the capacity to clean 6 trays of instruments simultaneously.