UCS Show Recap for 2011 -Central Services Show in California

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Another exciting time was had by the team at Ultra Clean Systems as we met with those of you who attended the recent Central Services Show in California. It was one of the best attended California shows ever and spoke volumes about the commitment to patient safety. The heavy traffic of medical professionals was a great opportunity to demo our new TRT 1101 (T)itanium (R)od (T)ransducer technology. Having the chance to educate so many about how thorough the TRT’s ultrasonic cleaning is and ease of operation was very rewarding.

We are very proud of how this integrated agitation method takes cleaning your laparoscopic and robotic instruments to a new level while extending the life of not only your expensive and vital surgical tools, but the life span of the cleaning equipment in the process!

Should you have any questions about the TRT technology or how the other groundbreaking Ultra Clean products and accessories can fill your medical cleaning needs please feel free to contact us! 877-935-6624


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