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Entry Form for Nominating Your Sterile Processing Department
into the Game of Reprocessing Challenge

It is hereby decreed that winter is coming and war is raging.
There is an outright war on bioburden, war on infection, and you are our greatest defense.

With all your continued efforts to win this war, we want to recognize YOU!

NewSplash announces an initiative to elect the best sterile processing department to the throne.

1) The best entry will receive a custom wall plaque and one distinguished individual will be granted a scholarship to attend IAHCSMM 2018 plus $500 of expense assistance.

2) A second facility will receive a custom wall plaque and one individual will receive a scholarship to attend IAHCSMM 2018.

Proclaim your dedication!

Any department that wishes to enter the Game of Reprocessing in the land of the United States shall demonstrate how you best battle bioburden and make forthright the patient’s safety.

An SPD must enter to be considered worthy of this distinction.

The gathering of all entries from now until September 27, 2017, will be considered if and only if you:

1) Elect an individual to nominate your department by filling out the form with all required details and with proclamation of your worthiness by providing 100 to 250 words of reason to support your nomination to the throne.

2) Send images, PDF documents, or video to be considered in evaluating your claim. Only three uploads per department will be accepted. Each department may enter the challenge only once.

The results will be announced in our NewSplash release on October 11, 2017.

Themes for entering are not required but some suggestions for submission are:

Game of Heroes – You are all heroes in the challenges you face each day, but what really makes you most suitable for this challenge?

House of CS – We all band together in this war on bioburden, but what differentiates your House of Central Service?

Epic New Challenges – What makes your department the leader in what you do? What ways do you overcome challenges within your department?

The chosen departments will receive an elegantly crafted wall plaque for distinguished honor and dedication. Upon which time the decision has been revealed, the chosen department manager of the two chosen facilities will be interviewed to assist in determining the individuals to be awarded a scholarship to the IAHCSMM Annual Conference & Expo in 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona.

See Rules

Game of Reprocessing Challenge
This is the official form for entering into the Game of Reprocessing Challenge for CS Week 2017

Enter contact information of person entering for their department.

All fields in this form must be filled in with the exception of uploads.

Facility being considered for the challenge

Enter your facilities address information below*

Why does your department deserve to sit on the throne?

Enter your reasons below and optionally submit photos, video, and documents to support your worthiness!
Please submit between 100 to 250 words explaining why your department is the leader in keeping patients safe.

Upload up to three files to support your right to the throne!


File types permitted: .JPG, .MP4, .MOV, .PDF