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This video shows the installation and operation of the Ultra Clean Systems Model 1100. It also demonstrates how to change the filter for this system.

Model 1100 – Transcript:

The Ultra Clean Systems model 1100 is a tabletop ultrasonic cleaning system that can process 12 cannulated instruments plus several non-cannulated instruments simultaneously. It accepts standard hospital trays and has an instrument weight capacity of up to 12.5 lbs. The model 1100 features auto-fill and auto-drain, and the bonded transducers can provide ultrasonic cleaning with or without lumen flushing.

To install your new machine, simply connect the water line from your location using the provided hoses (located inside the basket upon delivery) to the “Fill Port” connector on the back of the model 1100.  Then connect the drain hose to the “Drain Port” on the machine, with the other end connected to your drain connector at your location. Lastly, connect the female end of the provided power cable to the power connector on the back of the model 1100, and plug the male end into the power source at your location.

Basket Standoff
Inside of the basin, there is a basket standoff.  This stainless steel riser is made to keep baskets elevated correctly. Never place a basket in the basin without the basket standoff.  To place a basket into the machine, use the basket handles to carefully insert the basket into the basin, keeping the hose connector on the right side.

Accessory Kit
You receive one accessory kit with each machine. Each kit contains twelve 6mm hoses, twelve 4mm hoses with luer lock connectors, twelve 4mm hoses without connectors, twelve 2mm hoses, twelve 2mm nozzles, twenty-four 4mm nozzles, twelve 6mm nozzles, small suction adapters, large suction adapters, and a starter set of filters.

Connecting instruments to the trays
There are specific ways to connect various surgical instruments to the trays in your Ultra Clean Systems machine. Using items from your accessory kit, you can connect suction instruments such as the tonsil suction and Frazier suction. Orthopedic Instruments, such as flexible bone reamer, can be connected by attaching a blue silicone connector to a 2mm nozzle. Then connect the nozzle to the flush port on the basket manifold. Instruments with male luer ports can be connected by attaching the 4mm hose with luer lock to the instruments. Then finish the connection by placing the nozzle to the flush port on the basket manifold.

Loading a Basket
Instrument organizers keep the instruments separated to prevent etching and unnecessary wear during the ultrasonic process.

The front panel of the machine features a power switch, user interface, flow control and a USB port.

User Interface
To set your timers before a cycle, press the “Timers” button on the main screen. The “Degas Delay Time” is set by default to 30 seconds. This should not be changed. The “Ultrasonic Time” is the wash time for the cycle. To change this setting, press the button and type in your desired time, then press “Enter.” “Drain Time” is set to 5 minutes by default and should not be changed.

The test button is for technicians only. They use this menu to test the various features of the model 1100 and for troubleshooting.

The “Drain” button is used when you want to drain the basin that was left full from a previous cycle.

To begin a cycle, press “Cycle Select” on the user interface. Select from wash with no drain, wash with drain, lumen wash with no drain, or a lumen wash with drain. To abort a cycle, simply press “Stop Cycle” on the main screen.  After a cycle has started, the bottom left side of the main screen tells you what type of cycle is running, and the bottom right tells you what action is happening at that moment.

Note:  For safety reasons, always make sure that the lid to the model 1100 is closed during each cycle.

When a cycle starts, the user interface will remind you to adjust the irrigation flow because slower flow allows the ultrasonic cavitation to detach debris from the inside of the instrument.

Always remember to change the basin filter at least once per day. Simply remove the used filter, and replace with a new one.

After the washing process, the model 1100 allows the user to rinse up to 12 lumen instruments in the basket. After the ultrasonic cycle, simply insert the rinse hose into the rinse port, and slowly open the valve. This provides irrigation to the internal parts of the instruments. After rinsing thoroughly, connect the air hose to dry the internal parts. Now the instruments are ready for disinfection.