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This video shows the operation of the Ultra Clean Systems Models 1150 and 1522. It also demonstrates how to change the filter for these systems.

Model 1150 – Transcript

Installation – No Video

To open the lid on the model 1150, lift the handle up gently until the lid is fully open. Then lift up and rock back to lock lid in the open position. Make sure the tabs are in the locked position. For rinsing, a convenient spray nozzle is provided on model 1150 and model 1522.

For details on how to properly load instruments into the baskets, refer to the basket loading video.

Once the trays are loaded, insert the bottom tray with the port cutout on the right side as you are facing the machine. This tray should sit flat with nothing touching the rod on the bottom.  Attach the quick-connect hose from the basket to port number one on the inside of your machine.  Next, insert the top tray, again with the port cutout on the right side, then attach the quick-connect hose from this tray to port number two inside your machine. Once both baskets are loaded properly, close the lid.

To log in to your system, press the “Enter Number” box on the screen. A number pad will be displayed where you should enter your identification/login code and press “Enter.”  The default login code is 9-7-1-3.  This will bring up the “Menu 1” screen.

To adjust the preset timers, select the timer button from “Menu 1.”  A number pad will pop up to enter an authorization code. Since this is model 1150, the authorization code is 1-1-5-0 followed by the “Enter” button. This gives you access to change the many timers in your machine, as well as other settings.  These settings should only be changed by supervisors or technicians.

In page one of the “Timers”  menu, the first option is the “Fill Timer,” which sets the duration for filling the machine with water at the beginning of a cycle. “Add Detergent” time is preset and should not be changed. The “Close Lid” setting determines the amount of time you have to close the lid before an alarm sounds. “Degas Basin” is for facilities that have extremely hard water or high amounts of gas. The default is set at only one second.  The “Drain” is set at 220 seconds and should not be changed. “Rinse Time” is the number of seconds that rinse water goes through the instruments on a lumen cycle or a “Rinse and Drain Only” cycle.  “Buzzer” is the number of seconds that the buzzer will sound during alarms. “Air Purge” is the number of seconds that air gets pushed through lumen instruments. “Add Detergent in Ounces” determines the amount of detergent that is added and can be changed. And “Sonic Power” is the percentage of ultrasonics before getting a low sonic alarm. This setting should not be changed.

Press the top right arrow to advance to page two of the “Timers” menu. The “Short Time” is the length of time for short cycles and is preset to 480 seconds, or 8 minutes.  The “Long Time” is the length of time for long cycles and is preset to 780 seconds, or 13 minutes.  “Temperature” is the basin water temperature setting and should never be changed.

Pressing the top right arrow again advances you to the “Input/Output Menu.” This screen is used by technicians to test the various functions and components in your machine. This menu should only be used by qualified technicians.

To add and remove operator logins, select the “Supervisor/Tech” button. Enter the code 3179 and press “Enter” to access this menu. To view a list of operators and their login information, press the “Operator Assignments” button. Up to 50 operators can be assigned logins for each machine.  To create or delete an operator login, press the name entry box and type their name using the keypad, then select “Enter”. To enter their identification number, press the number entry box, type their ID number and press “Enter.” To assign their storage location number on the operator assignments log, press the number entry box, assign their number and press “Enter.” Once all of the information is entered, select “Record Operator Data” to create the new operator login.

To delete a login for a particular operator, enter in all of the operator’s data, then press “Erase Operator Data.” This will remove the operator login from the assignment list and prevent operation by that user. If open access to this machine is desired without the need for logins, press the “Login Required” button to turn that feature off. To reinstate the use of logins, press and hold the “Login Not Required” button until it changes to “Login Required.”

To save the Datalog Data using UCS Verify, insert the USB thumb drive into the port on the right side of the front panel. When the menu appears on screen, select “Transfer SD Datalog to USB.” Once the data is transferred, press “Acknowledge” and then cancel out of that menu.  Press “Eject USB” to remove the thumb drive and, if desired, select “Erase Datalog Data.”

To begin a cycle, go back to “Menu 1” and press the “Operator” button which will bring up the “Basin Select” screen. From this screen, you have an input/output button, a menu button, basin select, stop button, time, temperature and ultrasonic percentage.  Press the “Basin Select” button to select what kind of cycle you want to run.

This brings up the “Cycle Select” menu. From this menu you can choose from two basic cycles. The short cycles have an 8-minute ultrasonic duration, and long cycles have a 13-minute ultrasonic duration.  “Short Wash” and “Long Wash” will wash but not drain, for times when you want to conserve and reuse water. “Short Wash Drain” and “Long Wash Drain” will drain the basin after the wash cycle.

Lumen cycles are for instruments that need to be flushed, such as laparoscopic, robotic and orthopedic instruments. The “Short Lumen Cycle” will wash for 8 minutes, drain, rinse and air purge. The “Long Lumen Wash” will do the same but with a 13-minute wash.  Once a lumen wash cycle has started, you can adjust the flow control, as needed.

The “Rinse and Air Purge” button can be used when you want to perform an extra rinse and air purge. “Drain Only” simply empties a basin that was left full.

Once you begin a cycle, a countdown timer will update you on the amount of time left in a cycle.  If you need to abort a cycle for any reason, simply press the “Stop” button.

Operators should log out of the system after their cycle has finished running. To do this, simply press “Logout” from “Menu 1.”

At the end of each day, operators should clean the water level sensors inside the machine. Using a clean cotton swab, clean the primary level sensor and the overflow sensor. Also, the basin filter should be changed at least once per 8 hour shift.

For more information, visit UltraCleanSystems.com or call us toll free at 1-877-935-6624.