Press Release – January 1, 2011:

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An exclusive, new and fully functional Ultrasonic Delivery Technology for the healthcare industry has been launched by Ultra Clean Systems Inc., a Florida‐USA company, one of the leading names in ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Ultra Clean Systems, Inc. launched a new technology for the healthcare industry called “TRT (Titanium Rod Transducer) technology” with exclusive features like 13 minute cleaning cycles, direct‐in‐water energy injection and tripling the life of the system.

An exclusive, new and fully functional technology for the healthcare industry.
Ultra Clean Systems, Inc., launched a new technology for establishing a more efficient standard of ultrasonic cleaning in the healthcare industry. What makes TRT Technology special is its energy’s ability to be transferred equally in all directions, thereby preventing any ‘cold spots’ commonly cited in standard (bonded transducer) ultrasonics. Standard ultrasonics passes their energy through the transducer, the bonding agent, through the metal basin and finally, into the water. The power lost in that process is around 20%. There is no power lost in the new TRT technology. Since the system is not losing power in the process, the cleaning cycle time has been reduced by five (5) minutes and completely eliminates the need for degassing, for a total time reduction of ten (10) minutes.

“Our TRT Technology can lead to new industry standard for increased efficiencies, reduced costs and expedited cleaning of surgical instruments” according to Mr. Keith Cale, Director of Sales & Marketing for Ultra Clean Systems, Inc.

TRT Technology provides several key benefits, including:

  • Superior Cavitation: TRT Technology delivers better cavitation than standard (bonded transducer) ultrasonics by its exclusive direct‐in‐water energy injection.

  • Elimination of Energy Loss, wear & tear: The rod is a submersible transducer that directly injects the energy to the water in the basin, eliminating a vast amount of energy loss as well as wear and tear on moving or stressed parts.

  • Super Quick Cycle Times: Cycle times from start to finish as quickly as 13 minutes for short washes and 18 minutes for long washes.

  • Elimination of ‘Cold Spots’ / Consistent Energy Efficiency: TRT Technology radiates in all directions, not just in one. This means every surface area of every item you put into the tank is exposed to powerful TRT cleaning action, guaranteeing smooth and effective cleaning.

  • Cost‐Effective: Still the best value on the market for this powerful, productive and fast cleaning system.

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