Dr. David Perrett – IAHCSMM General Session


Ultra Clean Systems sponsored Dr. David Perrett to speak at the IACSMM Conference and Expo in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday April 24, 2016. 

Fluorescence Imaging Detection of Residual Proteins Helps Provide the Evidence Base Behind New Decontamination Guidelines
David Perrett
Professor of Bioanalytical Science
Barts & The London School of Medicine, QMUL, London

With the appearance of vCJD in 1996, the U.K. government commissioned research into the standards found in hospital and dental practices, improvements in instrument washing, improvements in instrument design, the detection of residual proteins, etc. Early outcomes showed that a) established methods to detect residual proteins lacked sensitivity, b) allowing instruments to dry post operations was very bad practice and c) most hospitals did not clean well. The system, ProReveal, developed at Barts College of Medicine in London, combines a fluorescence reaction for amino acids with proteomic visualization to rapidly reveal protein residues on whole instruments in 3-D and allows their quantification; it can also detect residual proteins at Nano gram levels. This approach has significantly improved understanding of instrument cleaning, helped optimize washer-disinfector performance and, when combined with epidemiological data, has helped provide the evidence base for the new U.K. decontamination standards.

Learning Objectives:
– Trace the evolution of CJD/vCJD

-Discuss the necessity for improved instrument cleaning practices
Identify the tools to assist in optimized cleaning processes


Dr. Perrett recently retired as a Professor (becoming Emeritus) of Bioanalytical Science at Barts Medical College in London. Since 1999, he has undertaken U.K. Dept. of Health-funded decontamination research and sits on a number of government research committees; this research includes optimisation of washer-disinfectors, both in the laboratory and in SSDs. His interests also include separation science applied to human diseases and drug analysis in bio fluids. His work on decontamination of surgical instruments in relation to vCJD for the U.K. Dept. of Health was featured on the BBC and has been mentioned in the British Parliament. He holds patents on devices for use in residual protein detection that have been marketed from 2013. He lectures both nationally and internationally. Dr. Perrett has authored or co-authored 185 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, 30 books and chapters, and has over 40 contributions in the Proceedings of Conferences, Academic Societies, etc. His most recent book is Gout at Your Fingertips. Dr. Perrett is presently involved with the rewrite of the UK HTM guidelines.