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The Front Line is a feature article section by Weston “Hank” Balch, BS, MDiv, CRCST, CER,CIS, CHL published biweekly in NewSplash

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Weapon of Mass Microbial Destruction * Professional Clean Freak * Podcast Host * Safety Addict * CS/SPD Consultant


Feature 10 – Posted August 6, 2018
Here’s Your Sign: The Power and Purpose of Visual Aids in Your CS-SPD Workflow

Feature 9 – Posted July 24, 2018
Insufficient for Understanding: Are IFUs Failing Us or Are We Failing Them?

Feature 8 – Posted July 9, 2018
Always Sunny in Sterile Processing: The Real Meaning of Light Duty

Feature 7 – Posted June 26, 2018
Ultrasonic Royalty: Ten Keys to Crowning Your Department the Kings and Queens of Clean

Feature 6 – Posted June 8, 2018
The Anatomy of an A+ Instrument Count Sheet

Feature 5 – Posted May 29, 2018
Four Secrets to Declaring a Cease-Fire in Your Sterile Processing Shift Wars

Feature 4 – Posted May15, 2018
The Devil’s in the Details: The Three Cs of Department Documentation

Feature 3 – Posted May 1, 2018
In Defense of Oversight: How Better Supervision Can Guard Your High Performers and Improve Your SPD

Feature 2 – Posted April 17, 2018
Dangerous Decontam: Is Your Department Design Hurting Your People?

Feature 1 – Posted April 3, 2018
The Other SPD Cleaning That’s Just As Important: Workspace Cleaning 2.0


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