Titanium Rod Transducer Technology
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Titanium Rod Transducer (TRT) Technology

Ultra Clean Systems continues to raise the standard in the world of ultrasonic instrument cleaning by offering Titanium Rod Transducer technology. TRT technology produces a high cavitation energy output, reducing cleaning times and enhancing efficiency. This industry-leading technology is ideal for cleaning complex instruments, including those used in laparoscopic, orthopedic, ophthalmic, and robotic surgeries.

Thanks to its surgical grade titanium transducer and direct-in-water energy injection, the TRT features:

• Reduced cleaning times compared to bonded transducers 

• More cleaning power, reduced wash-cycle time, and helps eliminate bottlenecks 

• 8- to 13-minute ultrasonic cleaning cycle 

• 15-minute da Vinci® cycle 

• Longer machine life 

• Less maintenance, reducing down time and associated costs 

• Thorough cleaning allows you to keep your sets together

The result? Cleaning cycle times are reduced by 5 minutes and the need for degassing is completely eliminated, yielding a total time reduction of ten minutes. 

Older and less efficient ultrasonic cleaning systems pass their energy from a series of surface-mounted transducers via a bonding agent, through the metal basin and into the water. This results in a power loss of around 20%. With the new TRT technology, this power loss is greatly reduced, thus the cleaning cycles are significantly shortened, allowing instruments to be readied for the next case.

Energy radiates in all directions,
eliminating cold spots

Titanium Rod Transducer showing energy radiating in all directions with no cold spots

(Click image to enlarge.)

Traditional bonded transducers

Cold spots are depicted in blue (between energy fields)

(Click image to enlarge.)

Additionally, this patented technology is less stressful for both your vital instruments and the cleaning machine itself. The increased and sometimes violent agitation in previous processes caused wear and tear. By using the TRT, you can extend the life expectancy of your vital equipment and instrumentation.

Order your system with TRT technology today!

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