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This in-service video shows the proper way to load cannulated and non-cannulated instruments in our system trays.

Loading Trays – Transcript

This video will demonstrate the proper way to load instruments in the trays of your Ultra Clean Systems machine.  Although the trays from different models may vary in size and shape, the same procedures should be used when loading instruments.

Always load non-lumen instruments first. Arrange these instruments flat on the bottom of the tray making sure that they do not touch each other.  For hinged instruments such as scissors and retractors, open fully for thorough cleaning.  After all hospital instruments are loaded, or once the bottom of the tray is full, insert the instrument organizers.

To properly flush lumen instruments, some accessories are needed.

One accessory kit comes with each machine. Each kit contains twelve 6mm hoses, twelve 4mm hoses with luer lock connectors, twelve 4mm hoses without connectors, twelve 2mm hoses, twelve 2mm nozzles, twenty-four 4mm nozzles, twelve 6mm nozzles, small suction adapters, large suction adapters, and a starter set of filters.

There are specific ways to connect various lumen instruments to the flush ports in your machine. For laparoscopic instruments, connect a hose and nozzle to instrument port, open the tip fully and place into an empty slot in the organizer. Then simply connect the nozzle to the flush port on the tray manifold. Instruments with male luer ports can be connected by attaching one end of a 4mm hose with luer lock to the instrument port, and insert a 4mm nozzle into the other. Place the instrument with open tip into an empty slot in the organizer, and connect the hose nozzle to the flush port on the tray manifold.  Orthopedic instruments, such as a flexible bone reamer, can be connected by attaching a blue silicone connector to a 2mm nozzle. Place the instrument into an empty slot on the organizer and connect the nozzle to the flush port on the tray manifold.

For robotic instruments, there are three different adapters to match the three most popular da Vinci instruments. The first generation of robotic instruments connect using our grey adapter, which matches the grey color of the instruments. For the second generation of da Vinci “S” and da Vinci “SI”, we use our matching blue adapter. And for single sight instruments that are green in color, we have our green adapter. Each of these dual port adapters attach in the same manner. Simply attach the first elastic band, insert the dual ports into the proper holes, and attach the second elastic band. For Ultra Clean Systems models 1150 and 1522, there are also flush ports on the top of the tray manifold that require angled adapters. These angled adapters attach to the robotic instruments the same way as the straight adapters.

To load the robotic instruments into the trays, place into an empty slot in the organizer and insert the adapter nozzle into the flush port on the tray manifold.  In models 1150 and 1522, you can also insert the nozzles of the angle adapters into the top flush ports on the manifold.

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