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Multiuse Absorbent Surgical Mat

Keeps surfaces dry and safe

The multiuse, absorbent surgical mat keeps surfaces free of fluids. This disposable mat is more absorbent, more sanitary, and faster and easier to use than towels or paper towels. It can be used on dry surfaces to catch falling liquids, or placed on wet surfaces to soak up fluids.

Available as rectangular mats or in rolls, with or without adhesive backing.
Adhesive sticks to the floor easily and peels up quickly, but won’t stick to
surgical gloves. Rolls are perforated to allow you to tear off large or small pads.

Optional holders available for use with rolls; see below.

  • Highly absorbent and leakproof
    Absorbs up to 3 liters of liquid per 40″ pad
  • Floor-gripping microfibers
    Lies flat on wet or dry surfaces; grips wet ones
  • Hygienic
    Helps reduce cross-contamination
  • Perforated
    Easily tears off rolls to create custom-size pads
  • Versatile
    Use anywhere for a slip-proof surface
  • Durable
    Won’t rip or tear under light foot traffic or carts

Absorbent Surgical Mat Roll Holders

Keep your mat roll organized and handy with the optional rolling vertical holder or the wall-mounted holder, both sold separately. The vertical holder’s rubber wheels allow you to move the mat roll to a spill quickly and easily. The included clip holds the end of the roll in place until needed. Simply roll it back out of the way for storage.

The wall-mount roll holder’s drop-in rod holds rolls up to 36″ wide x 20″ in diameter. It features a slot-and-cork brake for controlled dispensing. With a hot-rolled steel frame and galvanized core rod, it is built to last. Both holders allow easy tearing at perforations for custom sizing of mat.

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Mat Ordering Information:

Item # Backing Size Quantity
UCS-PIG-HC100-20 Nonadhesive 30″x40″ Case of 20
UCS-PIG-HC101 ROLL Adhesive 31″x100′ 1 Roll
UCS-PIG-HC102-20 Adhesive 31″x40″ Case of 20
UCS-PIG-HC103 ROLL Nonadhesive 30″x150′ 1 Roll

Mat Roll Holder Ordering Information:

Item # Backing Size
UCS-PIG-HC300 VRTL Vertical Holder 23″x46″
UCS-PIG-MAT293 WALL Wall Mount 13″x40.5″x6.5″