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Accessory Kits & Filters

Accessory Kit

This handy kit provides you with a complete assortment of hose fittings and adapters that allow you to clean most any medical instrument on the market today. A set of 24 filters is included in this well-organized and durable case.

The kit contains:

  • 24 filters
  • 12 2mm hoses
  • 12 4mm hoses
  • 12 4mm hoses with luer lock connectors
  • 12 6mm hoses
  • 12 2mm hose nozzles
  • 24 4mm hose nozzles
  • 12 6mm hose nozzles
  • 3 small suction connectors
  • 3 large suction connectors

*Recommended annual replacement as part of your preventive maintenance plan.


During the cleaning cycle, harmful debris and bioburden is removed from your instruments and collected in our specially designed filters. To ensure that the ultrasonic cleaning machines work at their maximum efficiency, the filters must be changed on a regular basis. Order the filters that fit your machine here and buy in bulk to realize the maximum savings.

  1. Easy to use and replace
  2. Prevent debris from getting into the machine and clogging drain lines

*Recommend changing after each 8-hour shift or when the water is visibly dirty.

Ultra Clean Systems - Accessory Kits & Filters