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DuraWick™ Towel

Moisture-wicking countertop towel

Help keep the countertops in your sterile processing department neat and tidy
with TIDI® DuraWick Towels. After ultrasonic cleaning, place instruments on a
DuraWick Towel to help wick away moisture. The specially designed material features a leakproof poly backing to prevent water from leaking onto the counter and to keep the towel in place.

As the name suggests, DuraWick Towels are durable and won’t fall apart like paper towels, which makes them a cleaner solution for your sterile processing department. 

  • Specially designed to wick away moisture from instruments
  • Multiple layers of absorbancy includes top wicking layer, three absorbant layers of tissue, and poly backing
  • Durable enough to withstand the rigors of sterile processing departments
  • Single-use towels dont require laundering, making them cost-effective

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Item # Size Pack
UCS-TIDI-DURAWICK 13″x18″ Box of 100