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Our instrument lubricants are specially formulated to extend the life of your delicate instruments. They form a protective coating over your laparoscopic and other delicate surgical tools while simultaneously enhancing their function and restoring range of motion. Lubricants come in a variety of formats, including Ultra Clean Surgical Milk, Ultra Clean Surgical Milk Concentrate, and Ultra Clean Spray Lube.

Ultra Clean Surgical Milk

Ultra Clean Surgical Milk is a ready-to-use pre-autoclave instrument dip with a wide variety of important capabilities. It can:

  • Restore movement and extend the life of all steel, carbide, tungsten, aluminum, and diamond dental rotary instruments
  • Keep laparoscopic instruments in peak working condition
  • Help hand instruments stay sharper longer, requiring less upkeep

Ultra Clean Surgical Milk Concentrate

Just like the name implies, this powerful instrument dip is the life’s blood for maintaining your delicate surgical instruments.

This highly concentrated formula is easy-to-measure and helps your instruments perform better longer with the benefit of additional cost savings to you.

Ultra Clean Spray Lube

Ultra Clean Spray Lube is a ready-to-use spray lubricant that extends the life of surgical instruments. This nontoxic, nonoily, and nonsticky spray lube forms a protective barrier around apparatus, ensuring the long-term function of critical box locks, hinges, jaws, and joints.

Ultra Clean Systems lubricant spray