Our Monitors are specifically designed to verify that your instruments are properly cleaned.

While we know ultrasonic cleaning machines and washer-disinfectors are extremely effective, routinely verifying that your instruments have been cleaned is paramount to patient safety.


  1. Check your Washer-Disinfector system effectiveness with a consistent monitor
  2. Low cost monitor promotes routine use…we recommend one monitor in each basket of instruments washed

Wash-Checks U

Wash-Checks are specifically designed to verify that your instruments have been properly cleaned. The Wash-Check U was created to monitor ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Wash-Checks Pro

The medical industry’s dedication to patient safety requires that nothing is left to chance. If there are any doubts that the cleaning cycle may have left unseen blood debris behind this powerful, interactive tool is formulated to detect the peptide bonds between blood and amino acids.

Wash-Check Holders

These durable, stainless steel holders are designed to house your wash checks. Simply dropping your Wash-Checks in the instrument basket doesn’t ensure that they will remain in the proper position to monitor the cleaning process. The holders maintain both proper viewing angles and the direction that are most ideal for function of the Wash-Checks.

Wash-Checks family of monitors