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Single-Use Antiskid Shoe Covers

Keep hazardous material away from body and sterile areas

Disposable, antiskid shoe covers provide protection for medical professionals who come into contact with bioburden or move among different areas of the facility. These shoe covers provide extra protection for at-risk patients
by reducing the possibility of tracking hazardous substances.

The chlorinated polyethylene elastomer (CPE) material enhances safety, and skid resistance on the soles provides grip to prevent falls due to drips, splashes, spills, or slippery areas. It offers a strong resistance to abrasion due to prolonged tension.

  • Made from CPE material
    Waterproof and flame-retardant thermoplastic
  • Universal fit
    One size fits all
  • Single use
    Helps reduce cross-contamination
  • Antiskid
    Antiskid soles for better traction

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Item # Size Pack
UCS-SS-SCA-50 One Size Bag of 50
UCS-SS-SCA One Size Case of 500