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AlphaWrap™ Sterile Surgical Wraps

Strong, durable, and soft

User experience is important, so don’t compromise your expectations and requirements. AlphaWrap is a strong, drapeable, and soft sterile wrap. It’s made of 100% SMS and offers high bacterial barrier properties, acting as a filter to prevent the ingress of microorganisms.

  • Use AlphaWrap Trilaminate Sterile Wraps to enclose items during sterilization and maintain sterility following processing. Our wraps are suitable for pharmaceutical and medical devices and feature tear-, flame-, lint-, and abrasion-resistance.
  • Made from a medium-weight SMS (Spunbond, Meltblown, Spunbond) polypropylene, nonwoven material for strength and to maintain sterility.
  • 30 GSM weight with trilaminate raw SMS creates an impermeable barrier that enables fluid protection. Infectious fluids and hazards remain contained away from the barrier.
  • Perfect for wrapping and draping in clinical and operating room settings.
  • Designed with a simple bond pattern for clear visual feedback of breaches that may occur during handling, storage, and sterilization.
  • Supports simultaneous double-wrapping for efficiency and improved productivity.
  • Individual blister pack for sterility.

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Ordering Information:

Item # Size Pack
UCS-APMSWB24-50 24×24 Box of 50
UCS-APMSWB48-15 48×48 Box of 15
UCS-APMSWB63-10 63×63 Box of 10
UCS-APMSWB70-10 70×70 Box of 10
UCS-APMSWC24-400 24×24 Case of 400
UCS-APMSWC48-180 48×48 Case of 180
UCS-APMSWC63-120 63×63 Case of 120
UCS-APMSWC70-120 70×70 Case of 120