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Transparent Face Shield

180 degrees of protection

The transparent face shield provides full coverage of the eyes, nose, and mouth, and includes lightweight, clear-colored glasses. The easy-to-remove face shield helps prevent droplets of saliva (transmitted from coughs and sneezes) and other foreign debris, such as splatters, from reaching the face.

  • Full coverage
    Covers from forehead to neck; only contact points are nose (built-in nose pads) and ears
  • Comfortable
    Lightweight and breathable for long-term wear
  • Universal fit
    One size fits most
  • Acrylic material
    For face shield and eyewear frame
  • Compatible with face mask
    Face mask can be attached to eyewear frame
  • Versatile design
    Can be worn with or without glasses
  • Reusable
    Can be cleaned with disinfectant
  • Antifog PET
    Coating provides improved visibility

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Item # Size Pack
UCS-TIDI-FS-100 One Size Box of 100
UCS-TIDI-FSV-100 One Size Box of 100