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Designed to keep up with the hectic schedule of today’s Central Sterile Departments, UCS proudly offers the TRITON Series Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaning Systems, which are capable of cleaning even the longest robotic instruments.

Triton Series – Transcript

The following is an in-service video for the Triton series machines from Ultra Clean Systems.

For instructions on how to install your machine, refer to the installation video for the XL series machines, which have a similar layout.  The switch to power on your machine is located under this panel.  Also located under this panel is an ethernet port, which is for service use only, and a USB port for UCS Verify, which will be discussed later in this video.

On the touchscreen panel, press continue to go to the operator page.  From the operations control panel, notice how the graphics represent the basin and the trays of your machine.  Before you start a cycle, you have four options for each tray. You can choose “hospital” tray, “lumen” tray, or “da Vinci” tray.  If you plan to leave a tray unused during a cycle, leave that selection set to “ready.”  When you select da Vinci, notice that the wash time automatically changes to 15 minutes, which is the minimum recommended wash time for robotic instruments. Also notice that if the first two trays are set for da Vinci instruments, the top tray becomes disabled.

Different instruments require different minimum cycle times as recommended by their manufacturer. When combining multiple instruments with varying recommended cycle times, use the longest recommended time for that load. For instance, if you have three sets of instruments to clean, and 2 of the instruments require 8 minutes, and one set requires 13 minutes, set the timer to 13 minutes. To change the cycle time, simply press the timer box to bring up the number pad, enter the new time value and press enter.  For instructions on how to load instruments into the trays, please watch the Tray Loading video.

Note:  To save time, water and enzyme, always fill the lower trays first, then work your way up.  If you load the top tray only and then run the cycle, the machine will fill completely with water and use more enzyme unnecessarily. The time to fill and drain the machine will also take longer.

Note:   To avoid injury and damage to your machine, always remember to keep hands and other items clear of the trays as they are lowered into the basin.

To run a cycle, press the “Enter Code” box on the screen. A number pad will be displayed where you should then enter your identification/login code and press “Enter.”  The default login code is 9-7-1-3.

When you press start, notice the graphics on the display as the carriage is lowered into the basin. You are updated when the carriage is moving, when water is filling the basin, when the cycle is running, what the remaining time is, as well as current water temperature and water levels.  When the cycle is complete, the carriage will raise the trays and the display will show clean.

At the end of each shift, users should log out by simply pressing the Logout button on the screen.

From the main menu, you have access to the following buttons:  Supervisor/Tech, I/O status, timers, operations screen, alarms, data log, manual drain, filter change datalog, the sonic test result buttons, and the internal LED lights.

Ultra Clean Systems recommends using the WashCheck U brand to record ultrasonic activity.  After performing a sonic test using a wash check strip, enter the results of the test by selecting pass, fail or inconclusive, followed by the datalog button.  Each time the filter is changed in the basin, press the Filter Change Datalog button to record it. Filters should be changed at least once every 8-hour shift.

The I/O Status menu should only be used by technicians to test individual components of your machine.

The Timers menu controls all of the cycle times for your Triton series machine.  Timers display the time in seconds. Here you have access to change external and internal rinse times, maximum cycles without draining the basin, external and internal air purge times, the length of the buzzers, cycle maximum drain times, the drain time below the first sensor, the minimum Sonic Power, which should always be left at 70%, the cycle maximum fill time, and the detergent ratio, which is in ounces per gallon. To change one of these settings, simply press the number pad, type your new setting and press “Enter.”

To drain your basin manually, press the Manual Drain button.

When using UCS Verify, insert the USB thumb drive into the port located in the front panel compartment. From the main menu, select Datalog to pull up the Datalog menu. Then press this button to log the data. Once the data is transferred, press here to eject the UCS Verify drive.

When an alarm is triggered, a buzzer will sound and the operations control panel will describe the problem that triggered the alarm.  Press the alarm symbol to open the alarm menu. To get more information about a particular alarm, press the text line of that alarm. To clear an alarm, press Fault Reset. To add and remove operator logins, enter the code 3179, press “Enter” and access the “Supervisor/Tech” menu.

To require a login to use this machine, press the Login Required button.  From the operations control panel, a lock and key symbol shows that the requirement is enabled. Pressing this button again disables the requirement. To view a list of operators and their login information, press the “View Operator Assignments” button at the bottom of the screen. Up to 50 operators can be assigned logins for each machine.  To create or delete an operator login, press the name entry box and type their name using the keypad, then select “Enter.” To enter their operator ID number, press the number entry box, type their ID number and press “Enter.” To assign their storage location number on the operator assignments log, press the number entry box, assign their number and press “Enter.” Once all of the information is entered, select “Save Data” to create the new operator login.

To delete a login for a particular operator, follow these same steps, except press “Erase Data by ID” after the data is entered. This will remove the operator login from the assignment list and prevent operation by that user.

For more information, visit UltraCleanSystems.com or call us toll free at 877-935-6624.