Ultra Clean Systems at 2015 AORN Show in Denver, CO

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March 2015 – Ultra Clean System exhibited at the very popular AORN Show in Denver Colorado this year.

On display was the Triton36 Ultrasonic Cleaning System, which has been validated by Intuitive Surgical to process the entire line of robotic instruments including the newer longer Xi instruments. 

Also unveiled was the new Triton72, a double basin model with independent operation providing twice the capacity & double the productivity!

Rose Seavey was at the booth showcasing the ProReveal, just days after a webinar on Residual Protein Detection on Surgical Instruments. 

Many visitors to the booth were extremely intrigued at what the ProReveal can do! This amazing system can show residual protein on surgical instruments plus show the quantity, all on an intelligent touch-screen display. With the data tracking capabilities, the ProReveal can help to optimize an entire Sterile Processing Department.

See the AORN Wrap-Up Booth Video:

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