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Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems by Ultra Clean Systems

Proven to eliminate more than 99% of bioburden from surgical instruments.

Although there are other companies that claim to have similar or better machines, at Ultra Clean Systems, Inc., we know our systems are unparalleled.

Our unique ultrasonic cleaning machines are proven to remove more than 99% of harmful debris from laparoscopic instruments without the need for scrubbing and soaking.

Our machines use internal irrigation, powerful triple enzymatic cleaners, ultrasonic cavitation, unique manifold connection trays, and instrument adapters. This helps penetrate and eliminate organic matter like tissue, blood, and mucous from lumen instruments, endoscopes, and fine lumen instruments.

Our ultrasonic cleaning machines hold more instruments than our competitors and clean them at a faster rate.

Titanium Rod Transducer (TRT) technology promotes better cavitation than standard ultrasonics with a recommended cycle time of 8 to 13 minutes!

Titanium Rod Transducer Technology

TRT technology provides several key benefits, including:

  • Superior cavitation: TRT technology delivers better cavitation than standard (bonded transducer) ultrasonics with its exclusive direct‐in‐water energy injection.
  • Elimination of energy loss and wear and tear: The rod is a submersible transducer that directly injects the energy to the water in the basin, eliminating a vast amount of energy loss, as well as wear and tear on moving or stressed parts.
  • Super quick cycle times: Cycle times from start to finish as quickly as 8 minutes for short washes and 15 minutes for long washes.
  • Elimination of cold spots/consistent energy efficiency: TRT technology radiates in all directions, not just in one. This means the entire surface area of every item you put into the tank is exposed to powerful TRT cleaning action, guaranteeing smooth and effective cleaning.
  • Cost effective: Still the best value on the market for this powerful, productive, and fast-cleaning system.

Technology continues to advance at an amazing pace, and in no arena are those advances more crucial than the medical industry.

Having the latest equipment that enhances performance and increases profitability is crucial to saving lives and bottom lines. Keeping those instruments safe in a cleaner and faster way is the mission of Ultra Clean Systems. UCS is proud to offer a number of cleaning systems and products to fit every possible need.

From our tabletop ultrasonic cleaning Model 1101 to our latest breakthrough in cleaning equipment featuring Titanium Rod Transducer technology (TRT), Ultra Clean Systems continues to raise the standard in the world of ultrasonic instrument cleaning.