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Model 1100 Registration Page

The Model 1100 is the easiest and most versatile tabletop system.

The Model 1100 is a competitively priced surgical instrument cleaning system with the capability of processing 12 lumen instruments, plus many nonlumen instruments combined in a 10-minute cleaning cycle.

The Model 1100 is the easiest and most versatile tabletop system. The touchscreen display provides the operator with an easy-to-use menu, allowing both lumen and nonlumen instruments to be cleaned simultaneously. 

This system fits perfectly in any sterile processing department workflow, as it automatically fills to the appropriate level, has an auto-flush function, and automatically drains.

Model 1100 Automatic Tabletop/Countertop System

  • 10-minute ultrasonic cleaning cycle; adjustable
  • 12 dedicated irrigation ports
  • Auto-fill and auto-drain
  • Adjustable irrigation flow control
  • Bonded transducers
  • Accepts hospital trays (without irrigation)
  • Touchscreen display
  • 12.5-lb instrument weight capacity
  • 5.75-gallon basin capacity
  • 120-volt wall receptacle
  • 32 1/2″W x 18 3/4″D x 17 9/16″H (lid open)
Ultra Clean Systems Model 1100 ultrasonic cleaning system with instruments

Torus 1100 Isolation Transformer

Companion to the Model 1100 tabletop ultrasonic cleaning system.

The Torus 1100 toroid isolation transformer from Ultra Clean Systems is the perfect companion for the Model 1100 ultrasonic cleaning system. For those facilities with low limits on current leakage, the Torus 1100 will reduce leakage current to well below 100 μA (.1 mA) for increased safety for staff.

Leakage occurs when an electrical device connected to a facility feeds or leaks current from the device back into the facility. As an added safety benefit, the toroid design significantly reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) to adjacent circuits or devices.

Standards and Codes

Torus 1100 meets the applicable requirements of the following:

    • IP66 rating for ingress protection from dust and powerful water jets
    • NEMA Type 12 and 13 enclosures
    • UL Type 4x and 12
    • CSA Type 4x and 12
    • Hipot rating: 4,000 VAC primary to secondary to shield and mounting surface

 Key Features

• Type 304 stainless steel with a #3 polished finish
• 284°F (140°C) self-resetting thermal switch
• Transformer reduces stray fields for increased efficiency and reduced size (over EI transformer)
• Flux filter reduces stray fields
• Shield between primary and secondary
• Four slotted holes for mounting to a wall

Electrical Specifications

• Maximum power: 500 VA
• Input voltages: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Output voltages: 120 VAC @ 4.16 A
• Temperature rise: 122°F (50°C) TYP
• Operating amperage: 3.63 A
• Leakage: 24–26 μA
• Maximum operating temperature: 134°F (56.7°C) ambient room temperature
• Fused enclosure: 12.5-amp fuse
• Efficiency: 95% TYP at full load
• Earth leakage: <10 μA
• NEMA 5-15 plug and receptacle: 84″ (2,134) each
• Electrical: 110 VAC