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Model 1100 – Automated Tabletop

The Model 1100 is the easiest and most versatile tabletop system

This tabletop ultrasonic cleaning system is the one that started it all for Ultra Clean Systems. With the understanding that hospitals and other medical and dental facilities could no longer rely solely on manual scrubbing of surgical instruments, UCS created a machine to fit even the most basic budget and need.

The Model 1100 is a competitively priced surgical Instrument cleaning system with the capability of processing 12 cannulated instruments plus many non-cannulated instruments combined in a 10 minute cleaning cycle.

The touch screen display provides the operator with an easy to use menu allowing both cannulated and non-cannulated instruments to be cleaned simultaneously. This system will fit perfectly in any SPD workflow as the system automatically fills to the appropriate level, and drains automatically.

Model 1100 Automatic Table/Countertop System

  • 10- to 15- minute ultrasonic cleaning cycle
  • 12 dedicated irrigation ports
  • 12.5 lbs. Instrument weight capacity
  • Auto-Fill
  • Auto-Drain
  • Adjustable irrigation flow control
  • Accepts hospital trays (without irrigation)
  • Bonded Transducers
  • Can be used as a regular ultrasonic (without irrigation)
  • 30”W x 18” D  x 18” H (Lid Open)
  • 5.75 Gallon Basin Capacity
Ultra Clean Systems Model 1100 ultrasonic cleaning system with instruments