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Model 1101 – Automated Tabletop

Faster, cleaner, better…and in this case, more affordable.

For those with limited space or budgetary constraints, this counter-top model cleaner works by creating an ultrasonic implosion inside the instrument. The force from this implosion dislodges bioburden, which can be flushed out by rinsing the interior cavity of the lumen.

The Model 1101 is a versatile table/countertop solution for Central Sterile Managers looking for a fast and efficient way to process complex surgical instruments.

The extra-wide ultrasonic 8.6 gallon capacity basin is ideal for longer bariatric and robotic instruments.

The Model 1101 includes a cannulated basket with 12 dedicated ports and can also be used with your regular hospital baskets/trays.

Once cleaned, the system then dries the instruments to help prepare them for sterilization.

Model 1101 Automatic Table/Countertop System

  • 8- to 13- minute ultrasonic cleaning cycle
  • TRT Technology – Titanium Rod Transducer delivers superior cavitation allowing operators to clean more instruments in less time
  • 12 dedicated irrigation ports
  • Capacity for 8 da Vinci Robotic instruments per cycle
  • 25-lb instrument weight capacity
  • Air purge cycle dries the inside of the instruments
  • Automatic enzyme dispensing capability
  • Adjustable irrigation flow control
  • Fully Automatic wash, rinse, and air purge
  • Large, easy-to-use graphical touchscreen with programmable timer
  • Accepts regular hospital trays
  • Can be used as a regular ultrasonic (without irrigation)
  • Ideal for longer bariatric and robotic instruments
  • 34”W x 26.25” D  x 18.5” H (Lid Open)
  • 8.6 Gallon Basin Capacity
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