Automatic Single Basin Ultrasonic Cleaning System with TRT Technology

da Vinci Validated and approved to clean robotic instruments.Designed to keep up with the hectic schedule of today’s Central Sterile Departments, UCS proudly offers the Triton 36, which is capable of cleaning even the longest robotic instruments. This workhorse Ultrasonic Cleaning System provides higher throughput with its ability to clean more instruments in less time, which helps your department run more efficiently. TRT Technology promotes better cavitation than standard ultrasonics with a cycle time of 13 minutes (15-Minute Dedicated da Vinci® Cycle)! This exclusive technology provides superior cavitation allowing the user to clean more instruments in a shorter amount of time.

The Triton 36 is the ultimate in surgical instrument cleaning with its UV water deactivator. The incoming and recirculated water is treated with ultraviolet energy to deactivate bacteria and viruses. A pneumatic air cylinder safely controls the raising and lowering of the work tray elevator. This eliminates the need for operators to reach into the tank of contaminated solution and reduces back strain.

Triton 36 Automatic Single Basin

  • 13-minute ultrasonic cleaning cycle
  • 15-minute ultrasonic cleaning cycle
  • Industry exclusive TRT (Titanium Rod Transducer)
  • Ultraviolet water deactivator
  • Automatic load tray elevator
  • Slide and lock baskets for simple and efficient tray loading
  • 36 dedicated ports for cannulated instruments, with 3 baskets
  • 20 da Vinci® robotic instruments per cycle
  • 40-pound total weight capacity keeps sets together and productivity up
  • Dual purpose: Can be used with hospital baskets
  • Easy-to-use large graphical touch-screen with programmable timer
  • Fully automatic degas, wash, rinse and air purge
  • Tap, RO or DI water compatible
  • 208-volt wall receptacle
  • 24”W x 54”D x 63”H (lid open)
  • 30-gallon basin capacity
Ultra Clean Systems Triton 36 now APPROVED by INTUITIVE SURGICAL® to be used with da Vinci® Robotic Instruments, including Xi series.

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