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da Vinci Validated and approved to clean robotic instruments.


Automatic Double-Basin Ultrasonic Cleaning System

For large processing demands, our Triton 72 rises to the top with productivity. This complete system is user friendly, with automatic lifts and slide-and-lock trays, and a 10″ touchscreen. The Triton series ultrasonic cleaning systems have more cavitation cleaning power than any machine currently available.

Every Triton tray can process up to 10 robotic or lumen instruments. With our custom adapters and Robotic Arm Cleaning System trays (RACS), every robotic instrument can be processed. The Triton 72 can process four complete sets of Xi-series robotics in a 15-minute wash cycle.

The Triton 72 has the largest throughput in the industry with 6 trays and 72 dedicated ports. Its capacity is truly unmatched.

Triton 72 Automatic Double Basin

  • Recommended 8- and 13-minute ultrasonic cleaning cycles; adjustable
  • 15-minute dedicated da Vinci® wash cycle
  • Industry-exclusive Titanium Rod Transducer (TRT) technology provides superior cavitation, allowing operators to clean more instruments in less time
  • Automatic tray elevator safely raises and lowers for ease of use and operator safety
  • Slide-and-lock trays for simple and efficient tray loading
  • 72 dedicated ports for lumen instruments; 6-tray capacity
  • 40 da Vinci robotic instruments per cycle
  • Dual purpose; can be used with hospital trays
  • Fully automatic wash, flush, internal and external rinse, and air purge
  • Ultraviolet filtration system
  • Easy-to-use 10″ touchscreen with programmable timer
  • Tap, reverse osmosis, and deionized water compatible
  • 80-lb total weight capacity
  • 30-gallon capacity per basin (x2 basins)
  • 208-volt wall receptacle
  • 33 3/8″W x 49 11/16″D x 67 1/2″H (at rest, top of screen)
Ultra Clean Systems Triton 72 ultrasonic cleaning system


Help promote safe cleaning conditions for SPD personnel, as well as improve patient safety and destroy microbes early in the instrument-cleaning process. Every Triton machine is designed with a specialized UV water treatment system, which kills microorganisms through ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.

It’s a fact that UV light energy helps to reduce infection by killing bacteria. Ultra Clean Systems is the only company that brings you this added safety feature for both you and the patients you protect from infection.

Water that enters the basin is deactivated from many types of harmful microbes. When cleaning lumen instruments, recirculated water continuously works to kill bacteria, thus making your instruments safer much earlier in the cleaning process.

Trays for every robotic series, lumens, and hospital instruments

Ultra Clean Systems Triton series Xi tray and adapter

Inset shows Xi adaptor being inserted into an Xi robotic instrument.


Tray shown with full set of Xi instruments including stapler.

Optional da Vinci Xi tray with 10 dedicated ports.

Inset shows twin flush port adapter for da Vinci Xi robotic instrument cleaning.

Product #10-0323

Ultra Clean Systems Triton series Si tray and adapter

Inset shows Si and Single-Site adaptors being inserted into their associated instruments.


Tray shown with full set of Si instruments.

Optional da Vinci S, Si, and Single-Site tray with 10 dedicated ports.

Inset shows Si and Single-Site adapters being inserted into their associated instruments.

Product #10-0321

Ultra Clean Systems Triton series lumen tray

Accessory Kit comes with a full assortment of adaptors, tubing and filters to keep your SPD running efficiently.


Our standard lumen tray can accommodate up to twelve lumen instruments.

Standard lumen tray features 12 dedicated ports.

Product #10-0150

The accessory kit provides a diverse set of connectivity options for lumen instruments.

Product #10-0045

Wire mesh hospital tray

This wire mesh hospital tray is compatible with either Triton system. Dimensions are 21″ x 9.75″ x 4″.

Product #104-0705