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UCS-Verify Process Verification Software


UCS-Verify Process Verification Software

A number of organizations responsible for setting industry standards have moved closer to establishing new guidelines for testing, validating, verifying, and documenting the cleaning process. The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s (AAMI) current recommendations call for weekly, preferably daily, verifications of cleaning processes.

Ultra Clean Systems proudly offers UCS-Verify Process Verification Software. UCS-Verify records a variety of useful data, including time of wash cycle, water temperature, ultrasonic performance, irrigation efficiency, enzymes present, and the operator ID.

UCS-Verify exports this valuable data directly to a USB drive for an easy and secure transfer. Data can be easily exported to Excel® for complete reporting and analysis.

UCS-Verify provides a safe and easy way to record your machine process data for better management of your ultrasonic cleaning cycles and staff productivity.

Accuracy and Productivity 

• Facilitate accuracy and electronically document ultrasonic cleaning cycle data

• Benchmark individual and team productivity

• Reduce the risk of ultrasonic cleaning errors

• UCS-Verify delivers total traceability, so you always have a documented record of whether the correct procedures have been followed

• Maintain an overview of the most important machine data, such as cycle phases, temperature, and concentration of detergent

UCS Verify

Order UCS-Verify as an add-on to your Ultra Clean Systems’ ultrasonic cleaning system.

Diagrams projecting from tablet isolated on whiteExport data from UCS-Verify, bring it into Excel, and output it to a chart, graph, or table.

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